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Hailing from the educational, commercial and cultural centre of Eastern India, Kolkata, Sunita Paul is an author, editor, publisher and humanitarian of international repute. She has authored 6 books and has edited more than 35 anthologies.

For her contributions towards literature, Sunita was awarded many times internationally and in the national front some of them being the prestigious Nazi Naman prize in the year 2017. She was also the recipient of the Literary Laureate Award for the year 2017 conferred by the World Nations Writer’s Organization, Kazakhstan. Recently she received the IndianAwaz Award in Kolkata.

In the field of humanity, Sunita Paul represents a number of organizations in India and abroad. She is also the National General Secretary of National Child & Woman Development Council (NCWDC) and National Human Rights & Anti-corruption Force (NHRACF) and the administrative persona in the World Institute Of Peace, Nigeria.

Sunita is also famed as an organiser of International Conferences Pan India. She is Founder of Aabs Publishing House, Kolkata and member of Atunis Board.

Sunita Paul